The Witches – Plot branch

Udate!! Several more storyboards have arrived at our blog. To see your work click on your name beneath the post. It’s looking good!

We are reading the Witches and have now read our way through half of the book. We have decided to take a detour with our imagination and branch away from the main plot by creating a short storyboard of what Bruno Jenkins´life was like or what he did after he was turned into a mouse. We used the online software Storyboard That, although it is allowed to use any other similar software of choice. Under these lines is one of the first creations of the class by Juana Perez Muñiz. There is time until September 16. As the students send in their work, the post will be edited and updated to include them.

Vicky Landolfo

Chivy Correa

Martin Anania

Nacho Troisi

Sofia Villella

Maria Roggero

Rochi Vago

Vignesh Manwani

Lucas Campion

Lola Argento

Lia Rostagno

Francisco Lusso

Benjamin Mayol




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  1. Pat says:

    I love the cartoon!

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