History Presentation: Mid-Term Exam Due date: July 8 2013

Hi everyone!

This time, the Mid-Term Exam will consist in a presentation (powerpoint, prezi, glogster) in which you will show how much you know about certain topics.


Unit 1

-The difference between Middle Ages and Rennaisance.

-Martin Luther and Reformation (Who is Martin Luther? , Why did he come up with the Protestant Religion?, Wht did he criticize of the Catholic Church?)

-Absolutism vs Liberty

Unit 2

-Henry VIII. Why was Protestantism convenient for him? Why did he break with Rome?

-Charles I. Crisis in 1642. He had some problems: Money, religion, Scotland, Ireland.

-Civil War. Execution of Charles I. Levellers and Diggers. Second civil war. Feudal Pyramid.

-Oliver Cromwell. Why is he important in the History of Britain? 

-The Great Plague in 1665. The Great Fire in London 1666. What is the relationship between these two topics?

Suggested webpages:



British History

Junior 7 2012

Your presentation must include:

  • Unit 1
  • 3 topics from Unit 2 that you feel interested in exploring.
  • Sources: pictures and written (don´t forget to include where sources are taken from)
  • Include a glossary with new words.
  • Bibliography (make list of books or webpages consulted)
  • Make sure your presentation is public.
  • Send your exam to: pat.chujman@lascumbres.edu.ar

Avoid copy-paste. Use your own words. Look up new words in the dictionary.

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